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6 Ways for Contractors to Get More Leads and Grow Their Company

Written by: Will Watrous

Get More from Your Contractor Marketing

Every contractor company faces an ongoing challenge: How will you gain new leads and grow your business?...

Align Your Marketing and Financial Decisions to Increase the Revenue of Your Contractor Business

Written by: Will Watrous

The Right Business Strategy Creates Long-Term Profitability

Most contractors start their company out of passion for what they do. Roofers love...

The Number One Way To Grow Your Business in 2019

Written by: Will Watrous

Here is a tool that will help you understand what your priorities should be and how to stay focused on them, in order to generate more leads and...

7 Ways to Measure Brand Vision Success

Written by: Will Watrous

The reality is that if it can’t be measured, there’s little hope of definitively knowing if you’re making progress. Even something so intangible...

How to Develop Brand Vision

Written by: Will Watrous

Having Brand Vision is seeing what you want your brand to become. It includes ideas like reputation, value, contribution, legacy, distinction,...

Brand Vision vs. Business Goals

Written by: Will Watrous

Most business owners know that it’s important to have a vision for their business. The new year has inspired a long look at what happened last...

Quick Wins Matter

Written by: Will Watrous

There is a lot of research that shows how bad multi-tasking is. It seems to be scientifically proven that when we keep changing our focus back and...

The Skill That Will Change Your World

Written by: Will Watrous

On the one side, there are the big ideas: the “why”, the mission, the vision, the values. The dream.

3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid with Special Offers

Written by: Will Watrous

Groupon, LivingSocial, Angie’s List, and even Amazon offer businesses the opportunity to promote a special offer to a huge audience.