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6 Ways for Contractors to Get More Leads and Grow Their Company

Written by: Will Watrous

Get More from Your Contractor Marketing

Every contractor company faces an ongoing challenge: How will you gain new leads and grow your business?...

Align Your Marketing and Financial Decisions to Increase the Revenue of Your Contractor Business

Written by: Will Watrous

The Right Business Strategy Creates Long-Term Profitability

Most contractors start their company out of passion for what they do. Roofers love...

The Why and How of Boosting Facebook Posts

Written by: StructureM

Social media promotion is a moving target. It’s easy to make a great, engaging post and share it on Facebook. It might even be possible to create...

Email Lists: Your #1 Communication Tool

Written by: StructureM

What’s your most powerful business asset? The answer might surprise you!

Core Service Pages – Your Avenue For Better Performing Websites and Happier Customers

Written by: StructureM

Let’s face it, a home remodel, addition or major improvement project like a roof or new windows is perhaps one of the most significant investments...

How to fully utilize Google My Business

Written by: StructureM

Are you missing out on FREE advertising on the most popular search engine of our time?

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

Written by: StructureM

Have you ever stopped to consider what your ideal customer did for breakfast this morning?

Google Analytics: Taking Your Website Data for a Test Drive

Written by: StructureM

Is your website generating leads that go on to become your best clients? These days, a significant number of people are looking for the services...

Google Analytics: How to Set-Up One of the Most Valuable Tools in Your Digital Toolbox

Written by: StructureM

Is your website working for you? If you can’t answer with an enthusiastic “yes!” we need to talk.These days, a website is a key part of doing...